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June 22, 2021

Last fall we headed south for the winter and don’t plan on leaving – ever. Living blocks from the beach in San Diego, I am still The Creative Resource. My new kitchen has the most amazing skylight that acts like a giant softbox for my food photography, so I continue developing recipes and providing photographs for a  handful of brands. Just six months after the move, Peerspace recognized me as one of The 9 Best Product Photographers in San Diego. You can read their release here. I have beat my own record since it was 8 months after my move to the Silicon Valley when I was named the “Best Food Photographer in San Jose.” 

It was my food-centric lifestyle photography that caught their attention. They said “From apparel to produce, (Nancy Ingersoll) brings products and props together within the frame in ways that support the overall story a brand seeks to tell viewers. Instead of simply seeing a dish, we get to experience a holiday tied to the said dish.”

San Diego based Foodcentric Lifestyle Product photographer gets recognized for

This distinction came as pure recognition as it was not a contest and I did not enter any of my work or apply for this status. A number of brands find me via social media, which is pretty amazing since it is often neglected like the shoemaker’s son. If you work for a restaurant or cpg that needs professional brand photography, reach out and let me make your stuff look good. I shoot all along the west coast of California, and welcome shipments of products for me to photograph remotely. Additionally, I have shot in Paris & Tel Aviv, and now that the world is opening up, I am itching to shoot abroad again. 

So, if you made it this far into this post, you are one of my cheerleaders whether or not you know it – you see, the internet  knows when you spend more time on a page and that helps. One other way you can help me out is to like, comment and/or save my social media posts because that is how the algorithm works. It doesn’t cost you a thing to support your artist friends by doing this. So, go on — head over to my IG feed and give it some engagement.

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