Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Food Photography

March 4, 2020

In 2017, I branched out and moved toward more things and less people in my photography. This does not mean I quit taking people photos because I was still on staff for the marketing department of a private school and regularly shot at San Francisco’s City Hall. 

The introvert in my really loved working with chefs and food brands, so I took classes and became foodtography certified. As I shot for more restaurants and brands, my portfolio grew as did my client base. When the products I photographed for food brands became more of ingredients than ready to eat food, I started offering recipe development along with my food photography. 

Last month, Peerspace named me as one of the five best food photographers in San Jose. It came as a surprise since San Jose has a population of over one million people and I just moved there in June. Not only was I among four other talented photographers on this list, but I was the first – number one. You can read more about it here.

Perhaps the best part about this distinction is that I did not apply or submit anything.  This was purely through word of mouth and the work of social media algorithms. So I really appreciate all of your likes, comments, and tags because that is how the algorithm works. I am serious… one way to support an artist without spending a cent is to like and comment on their posts. When you tag a friend as a comment, it gets the post in front of a new set of eyes, so that is also appreciated. 

I have now photographed for restaurants and food brands all across the us, and in Canada, Israel and France. I am willing to travel, but also accept shipments from products out of my geographic area. So, if you are a chef, food blogger or brand who needs some professional images, please reach out.


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