Automation for the Win


February 25, 2021

About this time two years ago, I shared that I use Dubsado and was impressed with the fact that they keep adding features since I have been with them from the early days. You know what? They are still adding stuff. Stuff that I did not know I needed but love having. 

I like the dashboard of Dubsado which keeps tally of my earnings and invoices, I also like the e-signature function (because that saves me money on e-signature subscription services), and knowing if a client viewed a proposal or proof is SUPER handy. But the very best part of Dubsado is automation – they way you can set it up to automatically do something when another thing happens (like send the assets or a thank you email when payment in full is made). 

I said it before and I will say it again, if you have a small service based business, you should check Dubsado out. You can try it for free, and when you fall in love with it – use the code NANCY for 20% off of your first purchase. And if you act fast, there is currently a sale where you will save and EXTRA $50 off, byt you need to sign up this week during the Birthday event which ends February 26th at 2 pm PST.

Why am I sharing this? Well, I am The Creative Resource and that means I help other people with resources to make their businesses and life better. Plus, I am hooked, I will probably use Dubsado forever and I am hoping that I win one of the free forever plans, which will reward my loyalty for using and sharing them for over three years.

P.S. I also make little animated GIFs. Sometimes I take photos, other times I draw things (like the Dubsado Logo). If you need me to make one for you, please reach out.

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