Crunchy Chocolate Bark Recipe


December 15, 2020

When the girls at Biena asked me to make a half dozen dishes last month, one of them was Chocolate Bark. Since the project brief only included the concept, the art direction and recipe development was all me, so I had some creative freedom. Before creating the recipes, I tried all the flavors to have an understanding of the flavor profile for each. For the Chocolate Bark, I tested a recipe with the Sea Salt \Chickpea Snacks, as well as one with the Honey Roasted flavor. Since the Sea Salt was my favorite straight out of the bag, I predicted that it would be my preference for the bark, but I was wrong. Both were good, but the Honey Roasted was the winner in my book. 

To keep it vegan, I used dark chocolate. I went with Ghirardelli dark melting wafers to keep it simple and as smooth as possible. The purpose of adding the chickpea snacks to the bark is to add a little crunch and some protein. This is such an easy recipe that kids who are old enough to use the microwave and hold up a bowl to pour the contents can do it, and younger littles will have fun helping you sprinkle the toppings on the chocolate after you pour it onto the parchment paper. 

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Chocolate Bark Recipe

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Ghirardelli Dark Melting Wafers 
Biena Honey Roasted Chickpea Snacks
Candy Canes, crushed/chopped (optional)
Sea Salt Flakes 

There are no measurements on this because it all depends on how much you want to make. This Chocolate Bark recipe can be made as an individual serving or a big batch. For a small treat that won’t keep temptation in my house, I go with about a quarter cup of chocolate. The whole bag makes a big batch without much extra work, and it makes a pretty gift. As far as the toppings go, try to get at least one chickpea snack in about every square inch, and fill in the other goodies until you think it looks good.

Get all of your ingredients ready (because this comes together super fast). This means chopping the candy canes if you choose to use them. You can leave them out or swap in some other candy or colored sprinkles.

Place the chocolate Melting Wafers in a microwave-safe container and microwave at half power or defrost setting for 30 seconds. Stir thoroughly (product keeps its original shape until stirred) and repeat in 15 second intervals until completely melted and smooth.

Line a cookie sheet (or a casserole dish) with parchment paper. Pour the chocolate on the parchment paper, allowing it to puddle because the organic shapes are like that of actual bark in nature. Quickly, top with Biena’s Chickpea Snacks, then sprinkle in the candy and sea salt. 

Pop the whole thing in the refrigerator for at least 20 minutes or until firm. Break it up into pieces for consumption or gifting. 

Disclaimer: I was hired for my food photography and while all of the Biena Snack flavors were provided for me to create recipes and photograph them, I purchased the other ingredients and was not paid to post this.  All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates, in any way. 

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