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September 6, 2020

All the things…Ok, maybe I don’t do ALL the things, but I have been called a creative unicorn by more than a few. A creative unicorn is described by Urban Dictionary as a rare and almost mythical human who possesses multiple talents and qualities. You see, that is why I am The Creative Resource and my handle does not niche me down to one specialty. 

I thrive on the variety. I am one part idea gal, one part graphic designer, one part photographer, and one part project manager, with a dash of this and a splash of that. I create both digitally and analog (yes, I have paint brushes and an absurd amount of pens on my desk, right next to my computer and ipad pro). My main camera (yes I have more than one) is a full frame DSLR with L-series lenses because the quality of glass in the lenses makes a difference. The size of my prop collection sometimes feels like it is bordering on a hoard, but it gives me the ability to style scenes without spending days searching for pieces to make a set. 

I like to think creatively, and take jobs beyond what they could have gotten by with. I am a life-long learner with a curious side which has added to my services offered list. For example, I once wondered how a font is made, then found myself making fonts, selling fonts, and teaching others to make fonts. 

Last year I found myself expanding into the video world, and admittedly I like to stick with still photos, but I found a happy compromise. Stop Motion. Yes, these jittery little videos can be looped and added to social media to gain extra engagement credit when viewers stop scrolling to see the GIF in action. The effectiveness of the short clip is increased by the auto loop, which allows viewers to be mesmerized as it replays itself over. These mobile-friendly files are significantly smaller than video, which makes the load times faster, and the cost to produce is generally less expensive to produce.   

The point is, that if you have a creative task—I may be your resource, because I am The Creative Resource. Some brands send me their products to photograph or develop recipes for, but have shot for restaurants and food brands in other countries too. So, while I live in California—I frequent stops all along the coast from San Diego to Orange County and Santa Barbara to San Luis Obisco through San Jose, and sometimes into The City (San Francisco).  But I am also willing to travel much further. Pre-covid, I shot for a spice market in Israel and would love to hit that beautiful country again. My graphic design background enables me to take care of things beyond taking the photos. As a graphic designer, I know how important it is to have space in a photo for text to sit. If something is out of my wheelhouse, I have a deck of colleagues to refer to you. Because I am The Creative Resource. 

Use one of the images below to save this on Pinterest for later or just to share me with the world. I’d appreciate either.

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