How Food Brands Drive Sales with Recipe Development


October 9, 2020

Some products like jams are typically used for toast, and olive oil is usually reserved for savory dishes. I am working on a few recipes to shift that thinking with savory uses for jam and a dessert which uses olive oil. If you have more uses for an ingredient, you will use it more frequently and that is why being a food photographer is not enough. 

I am putting a spin on Supply and Demand through my recipe development work with CPG food brands. What that means is that if I develop a recipe, it supplies consumers with a new use for the product which creates a demand for it in their shopping cart. That is why food brands are wanting more than just food photography — they want recipe development too, so that the images feature new and innovative ways to use their products so that they can drive sales with the supplemental ways to use their products. 

Small brands sometimes get caught up in label placement, wanting every one of the photos to have their packaged product in the shot. If you turn to the big brands, you will see that they are consistently posting images of just food using their product as an ingredient. This is because people want food, not commercials. Showing them drool-worthy photographs of a product makes them want to eat it. After the hook with a hunger-inducing photo, hitting viewers with a use for the product in the form of a recipe, can make them want to make the recipe which means they will purchase that ingredient. 

Making non-salesy pinterest images for these recipes will have viewers save the pin for later, increasing engagement and then sends that image to the feed of other pinterest users, which is like free advertising. 

Drive CPG sales with Recipe Development

If you are a CPG food brand looking to increase the craveability factor of your product, I would love to talk about how I can envision your product in a new use and help you out. Whether you are starting out or scaling up, I am here to help execute your brand strategy and marketing plan to build your food brand through my recipe development and food photography. So, grab a fork and let’s do this.

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