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August 18, 2020

I have a friend who always adds the word ‘easy’ to any recipe that she searches the internet for. She can’t be the only one, so when Pride of Bristol Bay team asked me to develop a recipe with their delicious wild sockeye salmon, I came up with a multi-tasker of a marinade and salad dressing in one, and paired it with some sides that keep the dirty dish pile to a minimum. 

An ingredient flat lay photograph with lemons, thyme, honey, dijon mustard and olive oil, shot from above.

So if you are looking for an easy, protein rich meal – head over to the Pride of Bristol Bay Blog to see some more photos and the instructions for my Easy Honey Mustard Salmon, served with couscous and greens. Then, come back monthly, because this is an ongoing relationship where I will be feeding (pun intended) their blog new recipes monthly.

An easy honey mustard thyme salmon recipe including couscous and fresh greens.

Wondering what inspired the sides for this dish? Well, I wanted the meal to be easy to make and easy to clean up. That made me think of couscous. Knowing that salmon and couscous are both high in protein, it was easy to pack every bite full of protein by using protein greens as part of the base. Since I buy my protein greens (a mix of sweet pea leaves blended with spinach and baby kale) in a prewashed container and the marinade is also the salad dressing in this recipe, it comes together with minimal effort. 

Are you a food brand or a publication in need of recipe development or food photography? If so, use this contact form to start a conversation because I would love to hear from you and learn about your brand.

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