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December 12, 2018

The score is tied. I have now had customers in 40 US states and 40 different countries. The last time I tallied up the totals, it was over 10 states ago and about half as many countries. I am in awe of how the internet works. I can’t even begin to understand how someone would land upon my work with the kazillions of artists on the web. Google has been in my favor to make the connection, but then for someone to choose my work to spend their money on is truly humbling.

Moreover, I chalk it up to God’s will. In spring of 2015, I put myself out there and started including faith based art in what I posted. At that point, it was merely a part of my spiritual practice and because it was a creative act, it was one that was easy to make time for. I admit, it was scary, letting the world see that I was a crazy Christian, but it is a part of who I am. Not long after that, my print sales picked up and my artwork was in a dozen countries.

The real me was out there in a dozen countries. But that is not the coolest part – since my artwork was in a dozen countries, that means that people in at least a dozen countries were seeing my work. And since my work often included His Word, then that meant that my artwork was evangelizing around the world. Since then my country count has more than tripled and I am not finished yet. I still do a little happy dance with every sale. And by happy dance, I don’t mean an actual visible dance because my dancing is more like the Elaine dance seen on Seinfeld, so I just do it on the inside. Unless it is a REALLY big print, like the GIANT one with the steak reference that shipped to Spain, then I go full Elaine on whoever it around me.


Do you know what else would bring the Elaine out in me? If I completed all 50 states. So, if you know someone in one of the US states which is not yet red on the map below, send them over to my shop (or shop for them with the item shipping straight to them).  

p.s. thanks for supporting my art – even if you have not yet bought any, reading this is one form of support. 


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