Many Hands Make Light Work


November 5, 2018

Yes, Many hands do make light work, and templates also make work even a little lighter. And that is why templates are among some of my digitally downloadable tools. Back to the many hands bit…I teamed up with My Design Deals to bundle a few of my digital products with digital products from other digital designers. The Jolly Jolly Mockups Bundle is a limited time offer and includes a vast range of holiday mock-up templates and stock photography.Below is one of the recipe card mock-ups that I have in the bundle. 

food blogger

Collaborating with with other artists is proof that I am a player in the Community Over Competition game. The beauty in mockups templates is that the user customizes them, making them unique for each user. There are also plenty of ways to customize stock photography, such as adding a text overlay, cropping, and rotating the photo.

Adding text over a photo can be done in most photo editing programs and apps. Reducing the opacity of your text or adding the text on top of a simple geometric shape in a color from the photo are options to take this a bit further.

While some cropping happens to optimize the shape for the platform you plan to share it on, other times it just means that you will only use a part of the photo. Carefully planned cropping can usually get more than one image out of the one photo, as long as you remember to make a copy of the original first. This too can be done in most photo editing programs and apps.

For advanced editors, you can add something personal to a stock image like I have here with the fancy cream in the latte. The latte foam is one of my signature elements. If you follow me on instagram, @thecreativeresource, you will catch a glimpse of some of the lattes in my life in my instagram stories. This past summer I posted a variety of foam designs from around the world, including a peacock in Germany and a bear in Holland. Back to the intent of this post… Not everyone is capable of editing a photo in such a manner, so I have smart layers on my mock-up templates because that makes it super easy for beginners (and lazy or busy people, alike) to customize the file with your own imagery.

For a limited time, you can grab the Holly Jolly Bundle here, or grab my non-bundled downloads here. If you are in need of something custom, I applaud your investment in your business and I would be happy to help you out, so shoot me a message with what you need.


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