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February 6, 2018

As I gather all my receipts and invoices from the past year to send them off to the tax dude, I sit here and smile knowing that a lot of the projects that I did last year involved the greatest love story of all. But, for this little post, I will just share two of them. They are the stories of my work for two women with passion and dreams, each on opposite sides of the United States.

Esther was called to open a Yoga Studio in the San Francisco East Bay Area with her cousin, Tiffany. The design was driven by two main factors… a teal sofa at Anthropology, and the Bible. I designed both the space of the studio and the logo. I really am a full-service creative resource. The studio’s name is Humble Yoga. The logo was a mash-up of my hand lettered H with flowing lines (which also serves as the Y when flipped over), and a structured san-serif font that spells out the other letters. You see, Yoga is a little bit flow, a little bit inversion and a little bit of structure. Humble is a topic that appears all over the Bible. We are told to be humble over and over, and finally in James chapter 4, the promise is attached which says “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up.” Then, in 1 Peter, it repeats that same promise. The funny thing about Humble Yoga is that in order to remain humble, they are not boastful, so until you get to know those running it, you won’t hear the story of how this was all part of His plan. I am happy to report that they are doing well as they approach the one year anniversary of the grand opening and it is clear that the Lord provides for this humble studio with a super chic sofa from Anthro.

Next came along Brenn. The more I get to know this woman, the more I learn we have in common. From passions, to motherhood, to – well, we both even have two colors of the same sweater from Nordstrom because we liked it so much. I just wish she was closer so that we could hang out in real life. The magic of remote working allowed this project to run smoothly. She opened a shop in New York whose name, The Oak Tree Market, was inspired by Isaiah 61. The scripture reads “They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.” She picked me, because she liked my lettering—not because we knew each other, but for my style. I was flattered, but then when I learned that the name of this market came from scripture, it was clear that this was all part of His plan.

If you have a logo that needs creating. I am your gal. If the backstory or the inspiration is faith-based, well that really lights my fire. So reach out.


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