taco tuesday (or really, tacos any day), third wave coffee (a latte, please), and traveling with only a carry-on (yes, I did 2 weeks in India without checking a bag).

If variety is the spice of life, I am pretty spicy. My mom is an artist and has always encouraged my creativity. The services I offer are not nestled down into a single niche because I enjoy a variety of creative outlets. My experience has that same breadth – from a designer at a boutique firm and a freelance photographer, to a credentialed art & photography teacher… and I like doing both. Keeping my head and hands in the game makes me a better teacher and ensures that I stay up on current trends & techniques, but mostly because I love creating. The energy that surrounds developing a project is my jet fuel - well, that and a morning latte followed by a gallon of black iced tea.  

beach days in september (when the water is warm and the crowds are gone), my bicycle (short rides for errands), and my family (rescue dog included). 

Adventure? Yes, please. I attended a cooking school in Japan all by myself in the outer edge of Tokyo where the English is very limited. The Michelin Stars guide our date night choices, but my husband and I have also had cooking class date nights. My daughter and I learned the art of sauces and soufflés from one of James Beard Award winner Roy’s Yamaguchi’s executive chefs. One of my favorite places I have traveled to was Israel, where I shot at the Levinsky spice market in Tel Aviv. Most recently, I attended a cooking school in Italy to hone my pasta making skills.
We also do yard-to-table in our home. My husband is our gardener and ensures that we always have produce to harvest. My son is diligent about checking the plants and ensuring quality control by snacking on samples from the garden. 

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A few of my favorite things...

About Me

PHOTOGRAPHY | Specializing in food and product photography, I am always up for an environmental portrait, as well. I work with restaurants and brands, photographing prepared dishes or developing recipes for food brands. I prefer to create lifestyle-inspired images which are light and bright with soft grays, but sometimes shoot dark and moody or bold and colorful when that is what the brief calls for. Besides styled scenes and flat lays, I also offer seamless repeating patterns, videography and GIFs. Plus, I am Foodtography Certified for my food photography.

GRAPHIC DESIGN | A few freelance clients dictate some of what I create, but beyond that, I accept custom requests and create what my heart tells me to make. My designs range from simple pieces that serve a purpose, like marketing collateral, to objects that just make you smile. My branding experience ranges from big companies to small shops for whom my services have gone beyond just logo design. Graphic Design for print or digital – I’ve got you covered. 


DIGITAL TOOLS | What started as me wondering how a font is made led to my line of fonts, procreate brushes, photoshop and canva templates, cut files and a few other goodies to help others create too. Why? Because I am a believer in Community Over Competition. I want to put the fruits of my curiosity to work for the greater good. Part of how I do this is by sharing my knowledge. I have given workshop presentations with nearly 200 people in an auditorium and also taught in smaller classroom settings and private one-on-one lessons. 

Brands & Features

I have worked with literally over a hundred brands, these are just a few of my clients and features.

nancy ingersoll

“Yes, I’ll admit that I still fan-girl when I see the products that I have photographed in the grocery store.”