New Product Line!


April 8, 2020

Our worlds have been turned upside down, and everyone has found their own way to adapt. Businesses chose to pivot (change how they approached things) or pause (take a break) during the COVID-19 outbreak. I used this time to diversify my Creative Market offerings. I wanted to offer an easy way for non-designers to make quality graphics for their social media platforms without having to spend a fortune. Enter…Canva. 

Canva is the free online image editing software, which also has a free app. The ability for non-designers to create quality content goes beyond the availability of templates which were professionally made by someone who understands the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design. Quality content is customized to match everything else an individual or a brand posts. 

That is why I made a bundle of fully editable templates which don’t require any additional software, just the Canva website or free Canva app. I kept social media algorithms in mind when building the bundle. It is true that the old algorithm uses engagement as a means of determining if your content should be sent into other feeds and the Discover page. That is why this bundle includes engagement boosters. 

The bundle of over 84 items includes pre-built, editable posts and elements that can be re-colored, moved, rotated, resized, duplicated, and removed from the image. Templates are pre-sized to work perfectly with a variety of platforms, including the ole ‘gram, The Facebook, Pinterest, and most blogging platforms (because they are optimized for fast loading). 

If you know me, then you know that I am an overachiever. And the competitive side of me wanted to make mine better than the others that are already in the market. So I did. The majority of other Canva template sellers I came across only use the free account—which is perfect for editing, but not for sharing templates. The problem with the other templates I saw is that they expect all of their customers to copy the template, and inevitably there is someone who does not and then they have changed the templates for everyone else afterward. Not mine… my bundle is saved as templates, so you know that other users have not messed them up before you have even started.

Thanks for making it down to the bottom of this infomercial. Even if you don’t need any templates or fonts, just heading over to my Creative Market shop and liking one (or all) of my products helps me in my struggle with the algorithm. I really appreciate your support. The nicest things that you can do to support without spending a penny is to engage with their work via likes and shares (p.s. the image below is perfect for pinning on Pinterest).



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