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July 17, 2017

If you are a letterer, you know who Stefan Kunz is. If you are a planner user, you know what a traveler’s notebook is. The two have collided, and I have even found a way to save money on this collision of greatness.

Today, Stefan Kunz announced his new limited edition product on the website. After a recent trip to the Traveler’s Factory in Tokyo last week, I still wanted to pick up a set of the limited edition inserts for my Midori notebook because I can always use more… Traveler’s notebooks are great because they can be interchanged and stacked with others in the cover, which helps me to keep my bag lighter. I learned the hard way last year, that a big bulky planner is not ideal for someone who walks a mile and a half (round trip) between the train and work. These are super cute because they have Stefan’s lettering on the cover, and even though I like to do my own lettering most of the time, I make an exception for his lettering.

Back to the savings, this limited edition journal set is part of a collaboration with Dayspring, so it is ordered on and since they also happen to be having an Illustrated Faith clearance sale, you can use the coupon code IFSHIPSFREE after you add one Illustrated Faith item to your cart and then the Stefan Kunz notebooks also ship free. Any Illustrated Faith product does the trick, and since they are having an up to 80% off sale, you can find several items for a dollar, which means the $6.95 shipping only cost you one dollar and you got a little goodie to boot.

Or if you are a half glass kinda person, you might look at that free shipping code and say, “Hey, I want this so badly that I would have paid the shipping for this anyway.” In which case, I can point out that if you take the price of the pair of notebooks and divide it by two, add in the dollar that the clearance item I picked out, and also add tax for said items, the free shipping code saves you more. Therefore, One of Stefan’s notebooks is free, plus you get a bonus of whatever dollar item you picked from the washi, clips and tip-ins summer IF sale section.



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