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May 16, 2017

It is perfectly okay to have other people’s artwork in your Journaling Bible. It is no different than using stickers. Although, It is better than using stickers if the person who did the artwork inspires or encourages you. You see, I am a believer in Community Over Competition, and if that means we support each other’s faith journey, I am all for it. It is also okay to attach artwork that you created when you did not have your Bible with you (or when a page was full). Both of these instances are perfect for tip-ins.

A tip-in is a paper that is attached to the bible by an edge so that it creates an extra page or an extension of a page (and in many cases they are smaller, partial pages). The key is to use your adhesive of choice (I use washi tape) on both sides of the paper. The paper choice is up to you – it can be cardstock, vellum, a photo, a label, a receipt, anything flat. They can be attached at the top or bottom or either side of the tip-in and connect on the inside, outside, top, bottom or middle of a Bible page.

Irregular Shape | Top | Bottom | Inside

I have some artwork by lettering artist and educator, Stefan Kunz in my Bible as a full page tip-in because I admire not only his style, but the way he dives into a passage and letters what he takes from it. I actually have two sections from him in my Bible – THE FELLOWSHIP OF BELIEVERS

 and THE HANDLETTERED JOURNAL – THE EPISTLE TO THE EPHESIANS. You can get both of them off his site as an instant download printable.

The fellowship of believers is featured here in this process video and was printed on vellum so that it is a tiny bit transparent, allowing the passage in Acts that it was taken from to show through a smidge.

Since the Ephesians piece is multiple pages and happens to work with the layout of the chapters in my Bible, I printed it double sided on white cardstock the same size of each page and attached them between each spread the corresponds to Stefan’s artwork. This worked out well because I had already drawn on some of the pages and the blank margins that I had not used are still open for me to continue my own investigation and reflection of the passages.


Have you heard of Hidden Journaling? That is when you have a tip-in that creates a flap for you to journal on the back of or on the page under the flap. Most of my hidden journaling entries are prayers that I have written. Little pieces of paper are easy to come by for this, but there are many artists who offer free lock screens and they work well too. I did this with a design that really spoke to me from my friend, Rachel (who has a whole slew of them to choose from on her website).

Just print the image 2 inches wide (assuming that you are putting it over the margins of a Journaling Bible which is 2 inches wide) and attach it as I do here:

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P.S. thank you to for the creative commons music played in the process videos.

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