Not nestled down into a single niche, I enjoy a variety of creative outlets.

GRAPHIC DESIGN | A few freelance clients dictate some of what I create, but beyond that, I accept custom requests and make what my heart tells me to. My designs range from simple pieces that serve a purpose, like marketing collateral, to objects that just make you smile.

PHOTOGRAPHY | From portraits to products or places, regardless of what I shoot, I prefer to use natural light and do all my own editing.

HAND LETTERING | A personal pastime that has grown into something more. My obscene assortment of pens was justified when I was recruited as the typography artist for Ugobags suitcases and Charity On Top gift cards. That also led to my iPad Pro with Procreate App and Apple Pencil. 


Services & Lessons

CREATIVE RESOURCE | My full-service approach means that I can handle all aspects of your project, from marketing strategy to the photography and creation of graphics for both print and web, including project management from concept to design and all the way through to execution. Experience with website maintenance, Social Media management, Photography, Graphic Design for promotional materials with consistent branding, such as event posters, programs & postcards, in addition to Newsletters & Magazines, Annual Reports, and Fundraising & Friendraising collateral.

TEACHING & WORKSHOPS | I am a believer in Community Over Competition. This means that I have accepted the call to lift others up. Relationships are important. They are too important for us to get caught up in comparisons. I want to put insecurities aside and just be thankful. Thankful for those around me. So, I want to put these relationships first and share in my tribe’s joy. Part of how I do this is by sharing my knowledge. I host and present at workshops from time to time. If you can’t wait for one, or simply don’t work well under the pressure of a group, I also offer one-on-one sessions – just shoot me an email to inquire. My experience ranges from workshop presentations with nearly 200 people in an auditorium to smaller classroom settings and private one-on-one lessons. A credentialed teacher who understands that you will learn better if you apply the knowledge as it is presented.

PRODUCTS | From custom to quick-ship… use the links above for shopping or contact me for custom work.